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In Topic: Rigid Glass Tiles

02 August 2014 - 09:23 AM

Yes, like a shiny vinyl interior. I can make something like that as well. Might be nice.

In Topic: Afro-textured hair?!?

03 May 2014 - 01:24 PM

What style are you exactly after?

In Topic: Mars images edited?

11 April 2014 - 11:39 PM

There certainly is a lot to ponder over but it can get quite complicated with subjects such as these.   :)

In Topic: Mars images edited?

11 April 2014 - 02:36 PM

It is the Government that makes it hard to compete while operating on a local level. Too many rules, regulations and taxes. You can try and grow a garden like a local food co-op or be a small farmer but it is very hard to do. I see more interest in this which is good. I see more interest in local organic farming. The other issue is that we are to used to big agriculture but with education, things can change. The internet is already doing that.

In Topic: Mars images edited?

11 April 2014 - 10:11 AM

The least thing I would want is a Government solution to space. NASA might as well be done away with. Private localized ventures are better managed, cheaper and are growing. Sub-orbital flights will be common some day soon. There is talk about mining asteroids for energy. We can do space better then a messy bureaucracy. I think environmental problems can be better solved on a local level. We can grow our food locally instead of reliying on long disatances which actually create more pollution and is more costly across the board. Less oil, less water and less maintenance costs. Long distance food is less healthy for everyone and mass centralized agriculture is very destructive.