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In Topic: will the free viewer be updated?

08 December 2013 - 09:57 AM

Been waiting on this before uploading GTXs to the Carraracafe. Guess I need to reinstall 3.5 to get this roling. I wanted to try uploading GTXs to carraracafe so people could download them and render them with the viewer, rather then uploading a full series of texture mapps.


Now where did I put 3.5 :unknow:

In Topic: R.I.P Acer

23 September 2013 - 09:55 AM

Well the contest is over. I didn't place.

I've have hit issues with W8. seems some of my carrara 8.1 options don't work with it. Right now I have to run it in W7 compatability mode and as admin to have all the features working right.


DAZ still hasn't realized people wont pay even the $90 for C8.5. Quite a few people that I know bought it ether regret it or are asking for a refund. The last beta build worked better then the release version. DAZ jiggered with it before release so now inorder to get autofit to work, or use poses on Genesis you have to have CMS installed and running. Oh no, DAZ isn't rying to force people in to using CMS, it's a bug that will be fixed..... in C9. Maybe. Till then you ether suffer with CMS or get a refund and hope C9 isn't the same way. Now I haven't had conformation of this but apparently you can't install C8.5 and it's free content with out using DIM. Which I avoid as much as CMS. Thing is, this wasn't necesary in the beta.


CMS: content management system, read as DRM.

DIM: Download install manager, or you aren't putting our content where we want it so we will install it for you so we know it is were we want it. If it isn't were you want it, too bad. You can't find it? Too bad you are suposed to use it, not find it. Been installing all your content to your own organized folder/s? Too bad, move to where we want it. Can't find the new content folder to move your old content to? Too bad download it all again using DIM and make sure CMS is running and you wont need to move your old content just delete it. Most of you content not from DAZ? Too bad.


Ya, I really don't know how DAZ is going to make it considering they seem to be going out of their way to alienate customers. It certainly doesn't help that they can't get their pricing software to work right. You have the sale price of an item in the sale Email, then the price the item is in the store, and yet a different price at check out. I've quit shopping their. Most of the time the price of the item in cart isn't what it is advertised to be.


None the less and to the point. Here is that render. Pretty much everything but a couple of the figures skins and the plants have all been retexture with genetica. The island hight map, and replicator distarbution maps where also made in genetica. Wait till you see this next one. 11 replicators, 6 maps, 9 figures. Fun stuff.


The title is "boatswain Harden, not so lost at sea" refering to the skeliton in the boat.




In Topic: R.I.P Acer

05 September 2013 - 02:12 PM

R.I.P Carrara. At least for me. DAZ has killed the upgrade path. Their "nominal fee" for the C8.5 update is $285. During there super special 2 week sale after all the various bounus discounts it's $85.50; I dont have it because that $85.50 is actually $107; you have to goin the Pclub to get it. But the real fun part, and I have yet to have any one confirm or deny it, once the super sales are over it will be full price to everyone; $549.95, even C8.1 ownwers. So I'll be using C8.1 for quite some time. Of coarse that will save me money, can't use the new genesis figure so wont be buying anything for it.

In Topic: R.I.P Acer

02 September 2013 - 07:07 AM

Arg! I'm really getting fed up with W8. I can't stay logged in anywhere.


Here it is so far. still have to get the 3 pirates in to it, but with 4 surface replicators, 2048 and 4096 textures, and the HMS Victory in the back ground it has gotten quite heavy to work. I'll just have to make some of it invisable to finish the scene, the pop it backin for rendering.


In Topic: R.I.P Acer

01 September 2013 - 09:50 PM

The sand is at 4096, it is repeated 10 times, but that is over the entire island :D  I was showing this to my mother and she asked where the ship was. I hadn't figured on putting it in scene, but it is a small low island, so now you can see masts over the palm trees, in the back ground. :rolleyes: