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[Admin and other experienced users please] Question about exported image usage rights

23 October 2016 - 03:12 AM

After having read forums that discuss it, I have a question about preset usage rights.


While installing Wood Workshop, you might have noticed this in the EULA:


"5. Ownership of Preset Graphics.  A number of ready-made graphic images ("Presets") may come included in the Software, which are and will remain the property of Spiral Graphics Inc.  You may freely use, modify, copy, and distribute Presets.

6. Ownership of Developed Graphics.  You retain ownership of any graphic images and graphic files that you develop using the Software.  You may freely use, modify, copy, and distribute the images and files that you develop using the Software."


According to the second point, textures produced from the software can be distributed without any restrictions (as the ownership belongs to the author).

Is this a correct interpretation?


The website discusses Genetica textures and presets more deeply, but when talking specifically about the output, I've only been able to find that info in the Wood Workshop's EULA (I believe Genetica's EULA does not discuss it that way).


For Genetica exported textures, I assume that:

- You must edit the presets (cannot export directly a preset image)

- You must credit Genetica (this website) when distributing the output result image file in any form unless you have purchased Genetica, in which case you do not have to.

(So, the credit point is valid for Genetica trial, Genetica viewer)


However, for Wood Workshop, from the EULA, I would like to ask,

Are you allowed to distribute the output images (rendered image), whether adjusted, non adjusted, etc. without limitations (allowed use, credit requirements, etc), as long as you're not sharing the actual preset files?

If an adjustment is required, how is it measured, and how much do the presets need to be altered, before the rendered image can be shared?


The EULA only mentions "developed graphics' rather freely, and especially the second part "You may freely use, modify, copy, and distribute the images and files that you develop using the Software." does not seem restrictive.


I would like to hear anyone's interpertation and opinion, but most importantly from someone with relations to the company (an admin).

This is simply a legal discussion about usage rights.