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In Topic: [Admin and other experienced users please] Question about exported image usag...

02 November 2016 - 06:05 PM

> Are you allowed to distribute the output images (rendered image), whether adjusted, non adjusted, etc.

> without limitations (allowed use, credit requirements, etc),


That's correct. Our intention is for you to be able to freely use Wood Workshop image output in your projects. 



> as long as you're not sharing the actual preset files?


That's not correct. As you quoted from the EULA: "You may freely use, modify, copy, and distribute Presets." The Wood Workshop EULA states that Spiral Graphics owns the presets, but it still gives you the right to use and distribute them (as long as your actions don't contradict our ownership of the presets).


That is nice, then Wood Workshop is really free to use. Of course since Genetica is not designed as free software, you have to purchase it first to have better conditions (and of course more functions than the free viewer) and that is fair.


Thanks for the reply and clearing things up!

In Topic: [Admin and other experienced users please] Question about exported image usag...

24 October 2016 - 10:52 AM

For Genetica exported textures, I assume that:

- You must edit the presets (cannot export directly a preset image)

- You must credit Genetica (this website) when distributing the output result image file in any form unless you have purchased Genetica, in which case you do not have to.

(So, the credit point is valid for Genetica trial, Genetica viewer)


You are right.


Since the Wood Workshop is also included in Genetica I think that the same applies also for the Wood Workshop presets.


Also all my presets have been donated to Genetica and come under the same rule.


Thanks for your reply.


However, the Wood Workshop presets and specifically output images must be governed by Wood Workshop EULA, and it states that the output image is your own ownership.


So, if you're using Wood Workshop, not genetica: this might mean that you're not required to credit the website for distributing images created with the software, and that you could release the end result under any license you choose (public domain, or commercial). Even if Wood Workshop is based on Genetica, any requirements and limitations on the exported images should be stated somewhere specifically for Wood Workshop, as not all Wood Workshop users are genetica users. Simply put, a user should be able to read the EULA and consider that information to be valid (unless I've misunderstood it of course).


Now, distibuting presets is another matter entirely, and as specified in the EULA, presets belong to the creators, however, can be distributed freely (those from Wood Workshop).


While the terms are clear for Genetica (trial, viewer, purchased version) It would be nice to have some confirmation about this for Wood Workshop, and if it differs from the EULA, then perhaps the EULA must be adjusted as it's the thing that the users are required to abide to.