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A future for genetica

19 July 2017 - 06:01 PM

Can this program not be bought back to life just look at substance designer there seems to be a market I wonder if you played sketchup trick and had a cut down version that is free did some more development maid some improvements, I think it needs a lot more tutorial video showing how to make a lot of different material type also give it the ability to directly bring textures into 3d programs with all maps bump normal specular setup in there in materials as it is a great program please don't let it die 


As for this forum i visit a few forums mostly I think they could be a lot more helpful and not so forgetful that they once had to learn  but this forum is just amazing they can not help quick enought just great people kind and helpful,  so your have a good community to support future moves if you wont to have another go 


I realize i am probably wasting my time writing this but your program seems to good to just let die as that is what will happen if you keep sitting still 

my own pattern problems

14 August 2016 - 01:07 AM

I have made my own pattern for floor and wall tiles but it wont give me any control with bevel in the tile lab i have tried blur but had no luck what do i need to do to help with this