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Making Genetica extensible?

25 April 2018 - 06:21 AM

I think Genetica is a great tool, but the developers should give us an API or something to design custom nodes. PixelScript is a similar idea, but very limited. I don't know why they designed a whole new language and interpreter instead of giving us a C# code editor.


I found some files inside the Genetica folder referencing presets and stuff, and even reverse engineered a wtx file to try out if I can extend the Noise Lab and Select Noise nodes (seems like I can, just forgot to resize the jpg chunk), but I don't know why the basic nodes are hardcoded.




Genetica seems like a dead project nowadays, but an option for extend its functionality should keep it updated even if the developers themselves don't have much time for the project.


What do you think about it?