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What's going on with Genetica?

23 July 2017 - 10:37 AM

I know this is pointless to post this, but I came back here to see how Genetica is doing...
Looking around in this forum I found a curious post that I'm not sure if I'm interpreting correctly...
And honestly I don't know what to make of it.

A few years back I was strictly a Mac user and when I decided between purchasing either Filter Forge or Genetica, there really was no choosing as only Filter Forge works on Macs...

For a few years now, I've been a Windows user and Genetica is an option... So every now and again, I check back on Genetica, hoping for a sale or something... Sorry, but the things I'd use Genetica for are hobby related and I don't have a lot of money to spend on texturing my freebie models I give away.

I understand that this is a very professional, capable and sophisticated program... But...
The hobby segment is kinda big and it kinda seems like less and less people in the hobby segment know about Genetica when I mention it on other forums, or that people I know tend to purchase Filter Forge over Genetica in the end.

This is kind of a shame, because both tools are pretty damn good and it seems like this one is kinda fading or becoming less well known.
That might just be my stupid perspective, or a misinterpretation, but anyway...

I really believe Genetica is a great tool, I tried the demo a long time ago, and occasionally use Viewer...
I thank Spiral Graphics for making that available for free, and because I often mention Viewer, I try to always promote or equally mention Genetica as an option when discussing texturing tools like Filter Forge and such, in forum discussions at whatever 3D sites I frequent.

Unfortunately for Spiral Graphics, more often than not the person whom I was discussing this with, buys Filter Forge.
And the reasons are always the same...
A huge library of premade royalty free filters and lots and lots of big sales.

I don't want to tell anyone how to do business or imply I know better, but I think it would be a huge boost to Genetica to do or at least try out two things...

1- Have more sales...
I can't remember the last one I came across and it was long over when I found it.
I know people sometimes feel this is gimmicky or it undermines the value of a product or they get insulted that someone doesn't feel the product is worth the price... But some people just can't afford good stuff sometimes and the fact is sometimes discount offers drive sales and drive awareness.

2- Make a section for registered users (people who purchased Genetica) to contribute and share Free Filters (sorry if that is a wrong use of terminology).
I get that Viewer is completely free and there is a big selection of filters, but it probably looks tiny to anyone who compares it to Filter Forge's library.
And many many times I've been told that was a deciding factor.
Sometimes people don't want to immediately have to learn how to make filters, they are happy altering available ones and going from there.

I'm pretty sure nothing will come of these suggestions because the odds of anyone reading this, who could do anything with these suggestions, if anyone might actually consider what some knucklehead out of the blue is suggesting is slim to highly unlikely.

It's kinda sad that after years of plugging and suggesting Genetica... I still don't own it because I can't really afford it.
Granted I could save up for it, but the fact is I did that a few times and ended up purchasing 3D software or upgrades to other software that was on sale instead, mostly because of the rarity of sales at Spiral Graphics and me feeling the odds of getting Genetica on sale were slim, so why waste the opportunity for a good bargain on the off chance I might find a sale eventually.

Sorry to waste forum space on a post that is in all likelihood a waste of time, but it's sort of the best contribution I can make (besides just shutting up and paying full price)... Not just because I'd like to eventually get Genetica, but because I'd hate to see Genetica just fade away.

Seriously... This is a great product!

Well... Good luck.