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Eovia sold out

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Posted 27 June 2007 - 05:28 AM

Well I'm on my third try to get an uncorrupted download of it. But that is SOP for Daz. I hope they have the instability and texture painting fixed. The texture paint was a big selling point for me to begin with, but never worked. :)
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Posted 27 June 2007 - 12:46 PM

Quote from...

Site Admin

As for bugs, here's the list I have of the major bugs fixed, though I believe there were many more smaller bugs fixed as well that aren't on this list I have, and unfortunately, this list just contains the names of the bugs as they were submitted to the bug tracker Wink so, many of these names might be a bit cryptic, for example, one is "This file doesn't load" Very Happy so, I don't know what file it was, but it now loads properly! Laughing

Texture maps exported as OBJ are upside down
In Paint mode, fill the surface with selected texture doesn't update the object display
Unfolding does not fit the UVs within the texture space automatically
On the Mac, Ambient Occlusion is not supported but Hexagon tries to render it anyway resulting in a crash. One the PC, Ambient Occlusion does not indicate to the user that it is calculating.
The displacement map for this simple spherical object includes unexpected black triangles.
If a model has creased edges; adding new faces/verts/edges to mesh resets the creasing.
UV displacement and texture map data lost when importing .car or .obj files created by Hexagon.
Symmetry not respected by Connect tool.
When painting with local redraw preference on, clicking Apply does not update the 3DView.
This file doesn't load properly
Scene disappears when a "Dolly Around Selection Center" is done right after launching hexagon
3dview: in "dolly around selection" mode, the camera jumps when looking in +-Y
Manipulator does not align with surface normal in Selection Mode after multiple extrusions.
Canít export to DWG file format
The attached .obj file causes a huge amount of memory to be allocated (and an Internal error ?) when being opened
Scrollbars not present after launching.
Extruding on creased geometries changes the creasing.
UV seam appears split open after importing to Carrara and adding displacement to the shader.
Symmetry not respected by Tessellate tools.
Facets created with symmetry turned on do not appear where they should.
Accuracy of displacement is reduced after saving and reloading the model.
With this model, deleting 2 Faces one by one and undoing both deletions results in crash
Quad Tessellating a square face won't produce four new faces if an adjacent face was quad tessellated.
UV gizmo crashes when applied to an object with symmetry.
Files containing objects without facets (curves, empty objects) don't open in Carrara after being exported.
Rotation properties change from what was entered, in absolute mode, after clicking in the scene.
Rotating multiple objects with the manipulator can give different results from entering a rotation value.
Bend tool causes subdivided objects to disappear when in full DG mode.
Applying thickness after a Boolean cut results in unexpected geometry changes.
Ruled Surface tool; "Connect the first and last curves" produces mangled geometry.
Import of attached Illustrator file causes constantly increasing memory allocation.
3 views layout (divide top and divide left modes) are not properly initialized resulting in a crash after inserting a sphere.
Dissociate tool used on an object with symmetry causes the symmetrical sides to move in opposite directions.
Painting near a sharp corner spills paint across the adjacent face.
A holed surface crashes when tessellated.
Materials need controls to flip textures.
Chamfer doesn't work with symmetry.
Adding a new material on the Mac results in a crash.
The material and shading domains panels will not appear after closing and trying to open and re-dock them.
The Max Angle slider of the Bend and Twist Deformers does nothing.
When using a Tablet for input, whole faces are filled instead of applying brush stokes.
The user should be warned when a high smoothing level is going to create too many polygons.
The attached .obj file causes an Internal error when being opened
Hexagon exports a much larger obj file than the one imported
Hexagon should have an option to import all groups as one object

OK, well shall see. :)

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